Larry Eisenstein Artist CV

Upcoming Exhibitions

2013 solo show, Loop Gallery, Toronto
2012 solo show, The Mascot, Toronto - November
2012 Fictionary, group show, Station Gallery, Whitby - July 21 to Sept 2


2012 Shadow God, Window Box Gallery 1313, Loop Gallery, Toronto - May 31 to June 30
2011 Dodactic, solo show, Loop Gallery, Toronto
2010 Good Edition 2010: Good Times, IndexG, group show, Toronto
2010 Biota, solo show, Loop Gallery, Toronto
2009 Annual Artist Proof Sale, Open Studio, group show, Toronto
2009 Cellves, IndexG, solo show, Toronto
2009 Minutial Matters, group show, Headbones, Toronto
2003 Gap, solo show, Sis Boom Bah Gallery, Toronto

Regina Bogat Jensen and Alfred Jensen, New Jersey, USA
Wayne Huizenga, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Paul Godfrey, Toronto, Canada
R.M. Vaughn, Toronto, Canada

1975-77 New School of Art, Toronto, Ontario
1972-74 Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Ontario

1992 Ontario Arts Council
1991 Canada Arts Council of Art